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Southeast Alaska (August 2016): Animals, landscapes and totems, oh my!

Southeast Alaska was just too beautiful, so we put up a lot of pictures. We visited Ketchikan, Wrangell, Haines, Juneau and Sitka, most by way of the state ferry system (highly recommended and preferable to any cruise). So grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride.




Bonus gallery: The Totem Toes series

What else needs to be said? The only thing better than the totems themselves are the variations on carved toes.





Big Hank has arrived

A knitted plush alligator named Big Hank

Big Hank is just under three feet long.



Big Hank is a version of this Lion Brand Yarn pattern, made with Lion brand Silky Twist instead of the Homespun yarn called for in the pattern. He’ll be going to live with the little boy he was made for in North Jersey in the next week or two. Go, Big Hank!


Close-up view of large knitted plush alligator

He’s got a friendly face, that Hank.