OneHandLaughing is the virtual presence of Cheryl Klimaszewski, a photographer, knitter, baker, gardener, cat owner, researcher and doctoral student based in Center City Philadelphia. She started a  website in the mid-naughts because she wanted to learn HTML. So far, she’s accomplished that and a little bit more, but there’s still much to learn. This blog is but one iteration of her delving into the wonderful world of open source technologies.

She chose the name OneHandLaughing in the sprit of the Zen koan, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Not meant to be riddles with clever answers, koans are meant “to open the mind and perception to the truth.” This is the spirit with which she approaches her creative endeavors, with a mind open to the truth and, of course, one hand laughing (or, in this case, blogging . . .)

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